Dr. Wonder’s Workshop will make the FCC smile.

You know it’s not easy to find quality core Education/Information programming at a price you can live with.  And, frankly, so many of these programs look very similar.  Kids can click right past them far too easily.

But Dr. Wonder’s Workshop looks different – very different from anything else out there.

The second the kids land on our show, they notice the sign language and they stop!  If they’re hearing, they start to piece together what they’re seeing with what they’re hearing.  If they’re Deaf, their eyes light up and they see “something for ME!!”

Not only does Dr. Wonder’s Workshop help you meet your core programming obligation but it's so different that it draws kids like nothing else you’ve ever tried.  And at a cost that is a fraction of what you would pay for other audience-building E/I programs.

But there’s another reason why Dr. Wonder’s Workshop will make the FCC smile.  Accessibility!  This is programming not only for children but for a variety of populations with special needs.

• Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children and their families
• Hearing children who can’t speak because of illness or disability
• People learning English – or Spanish – or American Sign Language (ASL)
• Educators in elementary education and Christian education
• Educators in ASL interpreting training programs
• Stroke victims

How you can use this show to create a “buzz” in your market.

A program this unique that addresses so many special needs populations can easily generate tons of free publicity in the local press.  Each of these special populations also has its own publications and e-zines, and you can believe that each of these groups will get the word out that something special is on the air – something “just for them.”

In an ever-more-saturated media market, that kind of PR can bring new positive attention to your station.  When was the last time your core E/I programming created a real “buzz” in your community?  This one can.

Get in on the ground floor of this exciting new programming opportunity.  The first thirteen 30-minute episodes of Dr. Wonder’s Workshop are in final post-production and will be available for broadcast in the Fall of 2007 on either a cash or a barter basis.

For more information contact the Executive Producer of Dr. Wonder's Workshop.

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