More Resources

ASL New Testament Online
A searchable version of the ASL New Testament is now available on the Deaf Missions website! Find any New Testament verse in ASL!

ASL Religious Dictionary
Try the ASL Dictionary of Religious Signs. The Deaf Missions animated spokeswoman, DM, will be happy to show you how to sign specific religious words and phrases.

Deaf Ministry Links
Looking for more Deaf ministries? Silent Blessings provides a helpful list of links to other Deaf ministries whom they have worked with personally.

Deaf Resources
Another wonderful list provided by Silent Blessings, including links to important and well-known Deaf organizations.

LINK: ASL Sermon Series
View a new sermon in ASL every week! Print discussion questions and English sermon translations. Another great resource from Deaf Missions.

Video Library
Deaf Video Communications (DVC) offers a free lending library of over 200 Christian videotapes. These can be used by any individual, church or ministry for public or private viewing. All tapes are either captioned or in ASL.

Watch Daily Devotions
Enjoy Deaf Missions' Daily Devotions for the Deaf online in ASL! Each devotion is presented in ASL with the printed devotion and picture included below. Be sure to see a new devotion each day!

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