"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

So says Proverbs 22:6.  It's both a promise and an admonition for parents.  For those of us who have a relationship with Christ, we know that the greatest gift we can pass on to our children is the knowledge of how life in Him is richer, fuller, abundant, more at peace, more joyful, and more fulfilling than life outside of His will.  But in an increasingly secular and cynical society, parents need all the help we can get to reinforce those truths as we seek to plant the seed of faith in the lives of our little ones.

It's tough enough to find good Christian videos and TV programs for hearing children, but for those with Deaf children, the search is especially frustrating!  Up until now there have only been a handful of Christian videos in sign language for Deaf children.

Now with Dr. Wonder’s Workshop you have a resource both Deaf and hearing children can enjoy.  Every week you can
invite Dr. Wonder and his crew into your home, and for 30 minutes, they will instruct your children about the importance of being honest, caring for others, being fair with one another, and being obedient.  Your children will learn Bible stories, and they will see object lessons and learn songs that emphasize these same building blocks of character.  Most importantly, they will see people who are fun, who are loving and affirming, and unapologetically Christian!
Dr. Wonder and his crew
help affirm positive values.

Christian role models share life-changing truths with your children – all your children – in sign language, English, and captioned Spanish as well.  If your children are Deaf, they will see “themselves” on the screen and know that they can become successful professionals in the arts and sciences one day.  If your children are hearing, they will see new possibilities for themselves, too, and be inspired by a new understanding and a new language.

Most importantly, each of your children will know that they are valuable and precious to God, that He knows their language, and that He wants to have a relationship with them.

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