“Teach them to your children and to
their children after them.”
Deuteronomy 4:9b

Parents are responsible for teaching their children the Word of God.  Parents ought to consider it, regardless of communication obstacles/barriers, a joy and privilege to teach their Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing child(ren) God’s love and His Word.  Here are some tips to help make your teaching experience a meaningful and impacting one for you and your child(ren).

Use Sign Language
Use sign language (to the best of your ability) when teaching.  Deaf children are naturally receptive to sign language.  You can literally “paint pictures” thus enabling your child to visualize what you are teaching.

Incorporate visuals
Visuals will help make your teaching more appealing to your child.  Also, research has proven that when visuals are used, understanding and retention increases dramatically.  Visuals may include showing a special videotape with people using sign language or showing objects.  For example, you might show a toy boat and let your child play with it during a lesson on Noah’s Ark.  Give him/her a set of toy animals to play with while you explain the different animals that were on the ark with Noah and his family.

Go on field trips
An extension of the lesson on Noah’s Ark could include a field trip to a local zoo and showing your child the many different animals.

Share stories
Jesus shared many parables during His time on earth.  Deaf people (including children) are naturally drawn to stories in sign language.  Sharing stories is a cherished treasure for Deaf people.  There are many wonderful children’s books illustrating different stories in the Bible.  Purchase these books from your local bookstore or borrow them from your local library, and share these stories with your children.  They will provide a Biblical foundation for your child’s salvation in Jesus.


This ancient Chinese proverb provides wonderful tips for teaching Deaf children:

Tell me, I forget;
Show me, I remember;
Involve me, I understand.

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